About Us

“This has been an absolutely wonderful opportunity for our indigenous kids!”

– Ms. Natalie Howard, Community Education Counsellor at William Ross High

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have extraordinary contributions to make to Australia in every aspect of life including culture, economy and science. Indigenous Australians possess a wealth of both traditional and applied knowledge of Australia’s marine systems, which should bolster existing research and management initiatives and spark novel lines of inquiry. However, while 2.5% of Australian’s identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, Indigenous Australians account for only 0.3% of staff at Australia’s national science agency.

ATSIMS our aim is to help fill the gap between the potential of Indigenous Australians and the opportunities available in marine science and management to Australia’s traditional custodians. By providing engaging, field-based science programs to predominantly Indigenous high school students we bolster the interest, experience, and hands-on skills that students need to initiate, and succeed in, tertiary studies in the field of marine science.